(Current – 2018/2019)
We have been using the services of Peter’s team for many, many years.  Our annual Marathon and Half Marathon is organized completely by volunteers and myself, and we just don’t have the technical savvy or resources to properly market and advertise our event outside our local region.  Peter has especially been quick to reply to all our needs and his email marketing and social media experience are second to none.  The services of MyNextRace and Road Race Results are as integral a part of our annual fundraising run as are the volunteers, suppliers and vendors who help us make this happen.
Tony Lea, Executive Director, St John Ambulance Waterloo Marathon and Half MarathonThe team at Road Race Results has always been easy and reliable to work with as our team here is always changing, as is our annual unique property called the Red Bull Wings for Life World Run.  Our venues, routes and time frames have changed but All Sports Marketing has always come through when we needed them.  Its good to know there are some consistently reliable suppliers who can fill the gaps that we need each year, to reach past and future participants.
C. Roy – Red Bull Canada / Wings for Life World Run

Peter and his staff have been with our event for over 14 years, since 2005.  He’s now our primary vendor for Canada, and its been convenient and pain free to get things done by his team.  Our event(s) have now become among the biggest in all the USA with over 30,000 runners but it’s always the small group of Canadians who attend that bring the most fun to our four races.  Peter is a veteran of the race industry and he’s also always thinking of new ideas for us to reach new participants.
Susan Harmeling – Gasparilla Distance Classic in Tampa, Florida
All Sports Marketing and specifically Peter Donato and his team have been a mainstay of our GTA events since 2009.  The Terry Fox Run is well known and hard to miss every September but with so much competition in the fall we always feel like we need to buy some Advertising Insurance which is what we consider the POP and Email services that Peter’s team provide for us.  Its always an easy decision each summer to invest in the services of these brands and Peter goes the extra mile for us all the time.
Martha and Kim – Terry Fox Foundation – Ontario Chapter
Our event at Lymphoma Canada is not even a running event, but we have relied on the services of All Sports Marketing since 2014 when our event made its debut, and we added a Montreal version too and hired Peter’s staff here too.  We know too well that many fitness enthusiasts and members of Generation Active can be found outside our usual channels, and we appreciate knowing a reliable company is out there to complement what we do ourselves.  We highly recommend the services of All Sports Marketing to any not for profit looking for good prices and great service.
Roz Baker – Take it to the Mat – Lymphoma Canada
Peter is not only a friend of mine in the Industry but he’s the soothsayer of all things running and marketing.  Some of us Race Directors are what I call old, stubborn souls and we just can’t seem to wrap our heads around the modern, tech savvy ways of this industry, but that’s where All Sports Marketing comes in.  They blend the old and new better than anyone and their value and services are worth looking at.  Every great race or event needs to have some fresh eyes and ideas and there is no shortage from Peter Donato and his team.  He’s also a Race Director himself so he understands what we all go through better than most supplies I deal with.
Ross Robinson – Niagara Falls Women’s Half Marathon
Ottawa Triathlon 2017
As I mentioned I was really happy with the service you provided and would be looking to expanding and possibly using your expertise on a larger scale.  
Greg Kealey, Race Director
Mega Bounce Run Canada
My wife and I decided to start our own business bringing the first inflatable events to Alberta, and we were thrilled to connect with the All Sports Marketing team from Toronto. By outsourcing alot of our social media needs in the first year we were able to focus on so many other areas, plus neither of us were really good at social media besides a little bit of facebook.   On Instagram alone we now have close to 1000 followers from nothing and on Facebook we passed 2000 followers which was really amazing for us.   We definitely want to work with All Sports Marketing again plus our contract included some great consulting advice from the owner Peter and that was worth its weight in gold.
Spencer Ridley   – Event Organizer
North Face Endurance Challenge (Collingwood)

Perfect! Thanks Peter. For 2017, I’m going to recommend we increase our spend with MNR/RRR.  Jeff Ball, Publicis P.R.


Longboat Island Run 2016

The Longboat Toronto Island Run is an established event, but we never stop looking for ways to introduce our race to members of the running community, or just remind them that we are here.  Your extensive membership list definitely helped us to find some of those runners.  I feel the e blast worked very well and I instantly saw a jump in registration numbers.  Our numbers have moved ahead of last year, which is terrific!  Lynne Bourque, R.D.

Dunnville 5km 2016 / Mudcat Marathon Weekend 2017

(2016) Thank you for your service during the Hauser’s Pharmacy Dunnville 5k 2016.  I found All Sports Marketing to be helpful, professional and prompt in assisting me to advertise our event through posts on RoadRaceResults.com and social media boosts through the MyNextRace.com Facebook page.  I look forward to working with you again during the run-up to our new event, the 2017 Mudcat Marathon Weekend.

Dear Peter:  I want you to know how much I appreciate your kind support of my new races.  You saved the day with supplying cups, vector bars a tent and table (at the last moment) as well as your expertice in helping set up the Fishy 5k course!  You made a tough evening so much easier to bear.  Not only that, I value your friendship and advice.

Sheryl Sawyer, Mudcat marathon race director

Joe’s Team Triathlon

The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation has been a big supporter of the services of All Sports Marketing for many years now, covering all of our endurance and charity related events such as the Ride to Conquer Cancer, One Walk to End Cancers and Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer. For Joe’s Team Peter has been with us since the beginning and even snuck his dog Jefferson onto the property with his booth one year. Peter and his team have always been prompt, professional and creative in their ideas and suggestions to help us always stay ahead of the competitive space that we are in. In 2015 we increased our distribution and advertising spend with his companies and look forward to more work in the future together.   Kelly Webb.

​Calgary Marathon

The Calgary Marathon worked closely with the All Sports and MyNextRace team to help us make BIG strides as we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of our Marathon Race Weekend in 2014. We were very pleased with both the grass roots distribution that reached alot of old school runners as well as the online marketing and Facebook contest that exceeded expectations. To much delight we renewed all services again for 2015 knowing we were going to lose alot of street buzz after such a significant milestone year, and once again Doug, Peter and their team delivered for us. We do use the Banana Reviews and should do this better as it’s a great free marketing strategy even for a big event like ours.
Kirsten Fleming
Race Director
Calgary Marathon Society

Monster Dash

Monster Dash is Toronto’s first ever Halloween Run, at night, created by the team at All Sports Marketing on behalf of Good Times Running (GTR), a new events company. With knowledge of where the running market was headed, Monster Dash entered an already busy running and events space, with no fewer than four other night time and halloween themed runs in the greater Toronto market area. With strong branding, grass roots distribution and roll-up-the-sleeves attitude, and virtually no advertising budget and/or sponsorship support, and a major rain storm in the first year, Monster Dash still delivered a knock-out punch on race weekend! A top-rated Banana Rating continued in year #2, when overall attendance numbers doubled and fundraising for the charity tripled, which will lead to strong repeat consumer satisfaction and sponsor retention in the years to come.
This run concept proves unequivocally that the staff and crew from All Sports Marketing were able to deliver a unique, long lasting new run concept in a crowded market, with very little financing, an ideal business model for many not for profit races and events looking to achieve the same result.

Vector Bars

All Sports Marketing were hired by our agency to assist with a large and important client of ours, the Kellogg’s Vector Bar brand. In 2014 we sampled over 90,000 bars through the channels of All Sports and MyNextRace.com and in 2015 we extended and exceeded these numbers including some media buys. We were so pleased with the price and service that we shifted monies from other channels to give more of our business to Doug, Peter and their small but hard working team of staff.    Trafik Group

Holly Jolly Fun Run (Toronto)

We worked with the team at All Sports Marketing to enhance our event awareness by executing some online advertising after many years where our event only relied on social media and print ads from a sponsor.  Even with little to no budget, Bruce and Peter were able to come up with some creative suggestions given their experience with the running community. Our event participation made a substantial increase (close to 50%), we will definitely look to consult with Bruce and Peter in 2017.
Thanks.   Jess (MLSE)