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All Sports Marketing Inc. was started in eastern Canada in the spring of 2003, and was patterned after a similar service in British Columbia.  It was a pure grass-roots initiative and amazingly enough these services are still popular and used by some of the largest, most successful event planners around.   Up until 2007 we were still serving mostly a local, GTA market, but at this time we expanded to serve clients across Canada, and All Sports Marketing also became Incorporated this year.  In 2008 we expanded in the United States and for a few years we improved one of our clients’ POP efforts in Australia and New Zealand.  At our peak in 2014 we were Canada’s largest POP distribution company and we probably still are.  Clients such as the Becel Ride for Heart, Canada Running Series, St Joe’s Hospital and Canadian Cancer Society show our range.  We also set funny mascot-running Guinness Records (look up Jefferson Mascot Marathon) that created a world wide following, so creativity and marketing FUN has become our middle name.

Since All Sports Marketing Inc. originally established a presence in old-fashioned marketing, we decided to keep offering some of these services into our 15th season.  Today we still primarily serve the market concentrated in the North-Eastern part of North America, an area that boasts one of the largest concentrations of athletes anywhere in North America.  Our services work especially well with Destination-Event properties where athletes from Toronto, the GTA, Ottawa and South-Western Ontario are just a short flight away from over 6 different airports.  Clients such as the Cleveland Marathon, Gasparilla Distance Classic in Tampa and the Key West Half Marathon continue to use our online, digital services.

Based in Toronto, All Sports Marketing Inc. has remained a fully-owned Canadian company, that also spun-off an Events Company in 2014 (Good Times Running Inc), web marketing companies (MyNextRace.com in 2004 and in 2015 the acquisition of Road Race Results.com), and consulting services for any and all companies, races, brands or events interested in targeting Generation Active.  We have a strong and successful Sports Marketing Internship program that works closely with Humber, Durham and George Brown Colleges as well as foreign-language schools in downtown Toronto who work with (mostly) Japanese and Korean students here on academic exchanges.

2019 not only represents a great milestone looking back but also an exciting time moving forward that we hope include new clients, partners and sponsors with us.


Who wants to have fun with us!