Road Race Results.com is Canada’ #1 results database and the only collection of data for Generation Active.  Since the Fall 2015 it went from Ontario to cross-Canada results!  As of January, 2019 Road Race Results now has over 8,000,000 (yes, million) results covering all of Canada and now going back to the 1990’s in some provinces.   Runners keep sending us their files, even a PDF can be added so dig through that old runner’s chest in the basement.

Back to the Future indeed!   This great website was created in Ontario by runners, for runners, and as the new owners we’ve quickly added social media channels, regular member emails (15,000 and growing) and contests.  Many new features have been added to make the user experience more friendly and rewarding, running geeks beware…..

Anyone who has completed a chip timed race (or in some cases manual timing) anywhere in Canada can check their historic records on this website. There is also a National Rankings’ site as well that is updated annually.  As of late November 2015 upgraded members will now be able to add ANY race results to their profile, and we’re growing this uber-list of keeners each month.

Mostly road and trail races are covered but we are adding run-related events like Obstacle Runs and Mud Runs that offer timing services to their finishers. Register for FREE and get more features and benefits!  Its the ONLY website of its kind in Canada, and our unique proprietary software kicks butt.   No other website allows the Race Director or Brand Manager to zone-in on targeting an exact runner…by City, Race Distance or Sex.

Our 2019 Media Kit is here:


New, super-targeted options are now available to Race Directors and Brands.  Ask for our Updated 2019 Top Five options document