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​As of January 2018, below are some of our Popular, Digital Marketing Options for Races, Events and Brands.

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Here are our top 4 digital marketing options for 2018

Email Marketing

Between our two lists of subscribers from MNR and RRR, we have a list of over 35,000 subscribers and growing that are primarily located in the GTA.   All Banana Reviews and RRR members from outside Ontario are data-based separately so for races in Eastern, Western Canada or Quebec we separate these lists.  Marathons or Destination races are included in all all lists unless specified otherwise.  There is an option to split these lists with a different Subject Line as well.  With 22% open rates on average this becomes an immediate and quick reach to over 7,000 people who open and read about your event.  We use Constant Contact to securely manage and maintain these lists.  RRR members as of 2015 are forced to Register to access their profiles which results in new leads each month.

Events in Eastern, Western Canada and Quebec should enquire about our small but growing lists here at much reduced price points.

MNR list = $300
RRR list = $650
Cost for full list ($800).

*discounts apply on purchase of three emails or more

Banner Advertising

Targeted Home Page Banner Ads on RoadRaceResults 

​This is the only website of its kind in Canada with uber-targeting of these ads.  Choose by City, Province and also by Distances (5-10k, Half or Full Marathons) so that you can zone-in on the exact profile of runners you are looking for.   RRR has the technology available to make sure your Marathon ad for example is not being viewed by a lot of 5km runners who may not be ready for the full 42km distance!   Or you can have  your Half Marathon banner show up anytime someone is looking at Half Marathon Results and then give our tech team another banner ad for the 5km runners and walkers who are also part of your overall race weekend.  Ad sizes vary and can be vertical, horizontal and a wide range of sizes to suit your artwork.   We can also assist for an extra design fee where needed.

$500 is the starting price point for this investment and it can go as high as $4000 if you wanted complete web take-over to ensure 100% of all visitors, every day, are guaranteed to see your banner ad at least once.

​In Calendar Banner Ad on RoadRaceResults

The BEST choice for small, regional races and events with a limited budget – $250/month.  Limited to a certain amount per month and available to non races for embedded ads.

Rates vary also by ad size so you can bump up your presence and stand out even more here too!

MyNextRace Home Page Featured Event

Limited availability creates great value for our Home page Featured events on our new MNR site. You will be seen right away and the user will be guided directly to your listing full of content provided by you, including Images, Photos and Videos.   From here  your future customer is only 1 click away from registering and you stand out.

This listing also creates the appearance that your event is “picked” by us, so there is the added 3rd party validation effect here as well.

**$200 / month**

Point of Purchase Distribution

Grass Roots Marketing.  Direct Marketing.  Old Fashioned.   Whatever you want to call it, it works!   And has been for decades,  We have many options available to suit any budget. To make your choices somewhat easier, our most popular packages are listed below.  As they say it can take 6-7 impressions to make a sale!​

Looking to make a bigger splash in your market? Use your existing race entry forms, pledge forms, or postcards, and have our team hit the street.   We are now Canada’s number one supplier in this category.  This strategy has been implemented by many for-profit and non-profit companies. Only available in select cities with minimum quantities and specific formats, please enquire for a custom quote, discounts apply to multiple markets and/or multiple campaigns.

We have worked with the Ride to Conquer Cancer (three countries), Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer, One Walk to End Cancer, the Arthritis Society National Walk, Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life, Terry Fox Run, Canada Running Series and many, many others both local, regional and national, of all sizes!

Product sampling

Are you a Brand Manager, Product Manager or with a company introducing a really cool product for the athletic market?   A new flavour, colour or size of product?   A contest with coupon offer?   With access to race and event goodie bags earmarked for several hundred thousand athletes across the country per season, All Sports Marketing is just a few phone calls and emails away from getting your message into the sweaty, welcome hands of Generation Active members of all shapes and sizes!

Over the years we have worked with many brands including but not limited to Cliff Bar, Track Bars, Vector Bar, Post Cereal, Dove for Men Shampoo and Soap, Vector Granola and Vector Bars, Emergen-C, Aquaburst, Accelerade Sports Drink, Reskin, etc.   Our trained staff in all corners of Canada are eager to assist, prices and more subject to availability, size and scope of work, please ask for more details.


Peter Donato and All Sports Marketing have been hired on numerous occasions to provide advice, strategy and direction to many local races and events, large and small. We have also partnered with some excellent team members to take-over the position of Race Director for many small and medium-sized events. Your event might need an injection of new ideas, or professional expertise to avoid making decisions that negatively impact your race. Maybe you just need some reliable crew members on Race Weekend?

Consulting rates vary by the hour or on a project-by-project basis, please enquire further.

Race/Event Timing

Is your event really small (don’t take this the wrong way)!Under 300 participants?   And you REALLY, REALLY want to provide an accurate post-event finisher’s time for everyone, but your budget is stretched to the limit and you can’t spend those big bucks to get the times recorded?

How about using our hand-timing services as long as you don’t mind waiting 36 hours for the final report.   🙂

Now that we own Road Race Results.com and we have access to numerous staff, consider getting a quote from us and we’ll do this the old-fashioned way, using a modern timing system of course (its called a Stopwatch, laptop, countdown timer and a few trained volunteers with clipboards!

Quotes will vary pending size of event, location and needs.  Enquire further, lets do this!


Does your event look stale, outdated or stuck in the 1990’s? Have you considered a new event name, logo or website?

Look no further…… We can help! With over 150 URL’s stored away and reserved for the right opportunity, All Sports Marketing can help your “old” event look BRAND NEW! With some pretty big paint brushes if necessary!

For the same reason why you wouldn’t throw out that old car, just give your event some new love and TLC and before you know it, customers WILL COME BACK!