The MyNextRace.com website is the go to website for members of Generation Active in North America to decide on their next race and indeed their schedule for the year. Over 25,000 races and events are listed, competitive, charity based, themed and crazy….we cover it all!

MyNextRace.com provides an excellent search facility to allow the visitor to quickly search events suitable to their sport, or you can view all activities within a month’s time frame and select your search radius (distance from your city). Predominately events listed are in Canada and America but also other parts of the world can be found too.

The events that MyNextRace includes are Adventure, Cycling, Duathlon, Expo/Seminar, Mountain Bike, Obstacle Racing, Relay, Running, Trail Running, and Triathlon.
Unique and innovative review feature allowing participants to rate a race out of five bananas! The MyNextRace.com Banana Reviews have become a go-to resource for athletes who want to read what others had to say about their event experience. 

​Featured Events

Have your event featured so making it stand out from the rest. This will create the appearance of your event being selected by us as a Premium Event to consider, and it’s one of our best options for value. You must also have your event upgraded to Premium for this space.
Please contact us if you are interested in either of these.
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Banner Advertising

​Banner ads on MyNextRace.com are unique since they are displayed on every page of the site, maximizing visibilty and ultimately, your click rate. Users spend alot of time on the site too, so your ad is seen for a longer time than many other websites in our market.   We also separate these ads by Region so you can select some or all of the areas across Canada and into the USA.  You can also GO BIG and sponsor all the Banana Reviews or the Calendar, or both!


In 2015 All Sports Marketing Inc. acquired Road Race Results.com and the plan is to merge these two sites together, soon.  Think IBM merges with Dell, or RBC swallows up TD Bank.   Only a little smaller…..for now anyway there are interactions between each site, don’t be confused!

Email Marketing

Tonnes of athletes have been staying connected to our email database for years, and why not, they want to be the first to know about a new event launch, a price increase coming around the corner, or they want to try their first Grand Fondo one day.

Social Media

With 17,000 followers on Facebook and a growing presence on both Twitter and Instagram, why not just piggy back on our social media strength with some Posts or Boosts?   Give us a call, er, send us an email or a tweet for more details!